Archaic Green Plangor Premium T-shirt

Volcom Youth Surf Octopuss Heather T-Shirt - Green
Volcom Youth Surf Octopuss Heather T-Shirt – Green

By now you have seen the hilarious and spectacular videos of the water skiing squirrel, bears playing hockey and skateboarding dogs. And if you havena t, you better be searching for those videos as you read this a you wona t be disappointed. One video that has yet to surface for the world to see is the nine-eyed octopus riding a wave. Many in the surfing community have witnessed this sea creature dropping in on some gnarly waves, but in the age of multimedia few have ever gotten footage. Some say hea s fake and the surfing equivalent of Paul Bunyan. The believers say he is camera shy just like his bros Big Foot and Loch Ness. Either way a real or fake a ita s pretty wicked so make sure your little dude honors the eight legged sea fella with this Surf Octopuss heather tee from Volcom which features a print of the mollusk riding a wave on the front.

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