Quiksilver Victoria Bay Full Zip Corduroy Jacket - Khaki
Quiksilver Victoria Bay Full Zip Corduroy Jacket – Khaki

During the fall, you like to go camping with your boys at Victoria Bay. Ita s a great time for you to reminisce about the summer and drink a cold brew under the stars. Before you pack your compass, make sure you grab this corduroy jacket from Quiksilver. Featuring a soft plaid Sherpa lining, multiple storage pockets, an embroidered branding and a woven brand tag on the left sleeve, this jacket actually saved a guya s life. True story! He was out camping and a bear wandered over to his site. The girls screamed and his buddies ran. He didna t know what to do, so he grabbed this jacket and put it on. The bear seemed to turn from ferocious to sweet, walked over to the guy and hugged him. The guy was confused, until he looked down and realized he had put it on inside out. The soft lining must have reminded the bear of its cubs! After that, they became the best of friends. See, this jacket can save your life and help you make a new friend! Warning: This jacket will keep you warm and cozy a but if not worn inside out, we cannot guarantee a bear will not eat you.