Xtreme Couture Thunder Thermal Long Sleeve T-Shirt - White?You have that deep manly voice that mesmerizes the ladies and scares the daylights out of those poor souls that would dare make you angry.

Combined with your awesome attitude, it is one of the reasons youa re such a charming fella and fearless leader. Its one of those dominant-male qualities you possess, therea s no need to be humble. Instead, throw on this Thunder thermal tee from Xtreme Couture and lead your boys to the local sports bar for some fun.

Featuring a pair of green eagles flanking an Xtreme Couture logo on the chest, an XMC logo at the back and an allover distressed Gothic-lettering print, this comfy thermal tee will make it easier for everyone to see whoa s the leader in your pack.

Xtreme Couture Thunder Thermal Long Sleeve T-Shirt – White